Li Yun Xia Papercut & Design


Li Yun Xia, a paper cut artist in the northern part of Shaxi Province has a reputation of being a "quick witted girl" in the local area. Her works are exhibited in her home country and abroad.

Yun-Xia's art received many awards while her paper cut works have been widely published. Most recently, she has been nominated in different circles namely "The Famous Person in the World", "The Famous Experts in China", "The Contemporary Paper Cut Artist in China", "The Contemporary Famous Artists in China"íK, etc.

She has been invited to The United States, Canada and other countries to showcase her paper cut skills and talent. From year 2002 onward she has been living in Hong Kong. She has had a few exhibitions and her art works were widely known. She is now a tutor in several art colleges and private clubs. Her students were the winners in the open paper cut competition in 2008.

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